Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

CV to Resistance, or how to pitch the Monotribe

While I'm very buisy at the moment and still don't have the time to draw the schematics for my Monotribe Pitch control Mod, here is a short explanation of how to get CV turned into resistance and use it in parallel to the Monotribes own Ribbon Controller, that is nothing else than a 10K pot.

Maybe the best source for understanding how you can change CV to resistance is this page:

I used the most simple way explained here. That is this one taken from

I think that the vactrol method is a better choice for that, because it's more safe for the Monotribe circuit, but I had none, so i decided to use this method and it worked out nicely for me. I connected the monotribe Ribbon Controller connections to this schematic. The pot seen here i replaced with a 1K resistor.

The Monotribes Ribbon Controller is the same as in the Monotron, so if you want to find out how it is connected, you can yheck out the officialy released schematic of the monotron here:

When i'll get my Doepfer LFO, i will build up the CV control for the monotribe once again and draw the schematics and post it on this blog. Sorry that you have to wait, but time is very short at the moment.

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  1. This is great, thanks!!!

    It's not really needed any more because of the midi in, but it's super cool!!!!

  2. Hi me again,

    can you please tell me how to connect it?
    (referrring to the monotribe schematics CN1 connector, let´s say Pin 1 is the unconnected one at the bottom.

    Pin2 goes to CV-in
    Pin3 goes "to circuit"
    and Pin 4 goes to the variable resistor between "to circuit" and GND.

    Sorry I am a real noob.

  3. hey,

    so the thing is, that i've already forgotten how i worked it out with the CV control. But you can try your best. I think you should connect:
    1. a control voltage 0-5V to CV in
    2. on the other side of the given circuit you have a varying resistance between ground and "to circuit", that depends on the voltage that is connected to CV in
    3. so i think best will be if you connect
    PIN 2 to "to circuit"
    PIN 3 to ground
    PIN 4 to the viriable resistor between to circuit and ground

    IMPORTANT: I don't know if this will work out, because i did not try it myself. So please be careful if you do that. I'm not responsible if you kill your monotribe!

    One thing you can do, that works really fine, is to give your monotribe a midi in connection. I did it and it works great for me. A nice instruction you can find here:

    Would be pleased to here from your successes on modding your monotribe.

  4. I see - but actually MIDI is far less interesting to me than CV-In. I´ll let you know how things worked out, :)