Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Monotribe Pitch Control / CV

So this is something what a lot of people have been looking for. An option to control the Monotribes pitch and gate via CV. While the Monotribe's ribbon controller is nothing else but a resistor, more to say likea pot, i soldered some cables to the spot where the ribbon controller is connected to the main pcb.

I first did some test with a 10K pot what worked very fine, because the ribbon controller is a 10K pot. Second attempt was a photoresistor. The result is available here.

Final attempt was to build up a four step 4017 sequencer like the baby 10 type, but with slight modifications. I used the schematics presented on this site: FONIK.

I modified the cv out by adding a transistor, so that the cv out works more like a resistor and not like a real CV. The inspiration came from the midibix wiki (see Option 2 schematic) And that works excellent with the monotribe. The 4017 i used can be greatly clocked by the Monotribe's sync output.

If you need more information on the schematics... please leave a comment, so i will know that someone is interested and i have a reason to sit down and draw the stuff together.

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  1. Hi, thanks for publishing your mods. I'm going to get one of these today. I haven't done any mods before, but i think this machine is a good starting point. Keep up the good work; I am very interested in learning more about mods on the monotribe so schematics would be very useful.

  2. Hey,
    thanx for being the first to publish monotribe mods and the needed details and schematics.
    I'm very interested in any mod you wanna do, especially the drum outs schematics (I don't really understand how you did the drum separation and mixing).
    Another cool mod would be to add tuning posibilities to the drum sounds...but I guess it's going to take a little more hacking as they're not marked on the PCB...
    BTW: in the photo you posted for the pitch control, I can see a it the monotribe's? or the monotron's?
    If it's the monotribe's it would be really cool if you posted it...
    Thanx again and keep us updated

  3. Hi, im also highly interested in mod drawings. Added with some discription I would love to open up this little beast and apply some hacks. Unfortunately Im not an electrician. So I need a step by step guide.

  4. Allright. I will try to make some schemtics of my mods. The first one (BD/SD...Decay Mod) is already there. I will add the other one's. Most of the stuff is pretty simple, but you need some basic electronic, soldering skill to do that stuff. A step-by-step guide is to much for me. I don't have that time (Tut mir leid @harmoniemollmann).

    Pitching the drums would be a nice mod, but I did not find that yet, and don't know if i'm goning to look out for that. Maybe at some time. Let's see.

    Unfortunately I don't have the monotribe schematics. In the photo you see the monotron schematics. I used that to find out how the ribbon controller is connected. I thought that this should by mainly the same at both, monotron and monotribe. But did not find out if it matches exactly. Maybe it differs. But to find a way to set the synth pitch with a resistor / CV was enough for me.

  5. i'd like the output schematics too! thanks for your work here!... i saw that there's already a midi in(or) out implementation.... any pinouts?

  6. CV pitch and gate out would be nice. I want the monotribe the more I see these. Thanks for the work.

  7. This is great! Can you tell me more about how you modded the cv out to work as resistance based pitch control?

  8. Hey guys. I'm very sorry for not posting my schematics here, but I really do not have the time to draw them. So please check out my current post, where i shortly explain how CV can be modified to resistance. That is exactly the same that i used to control the Monotribe.